Delaware water gap

6/6 DWG bound
I woke with a springbok my step an ready for the 20.2 miles to Delaware Water Gap. Well actually it was just a rock in my shoe. We tented at the Leroy Smith shelter. There were ticks all around the shelter. I burned a few of them. Up at 5 and Shy Bear and I were hiking by 6We saw Grease Spot, Banter, Problem Bear. Grease spot was moving a little slowly so I hope he can make it ok. The rocks are no better today.
There was one big climb out of Win Gap but with the leaf cover and slight wind it wasn’t bad at all. Coming to the gap we got a nice view of the river, highway and mountains just before DWG. We arrived in town by 4 and Grease Spot by 5. It was pizza, drinks and time to relax at the local pizza parlor. There are 8 of us staying here tonight, surprised it’s not more.
Forgot to mention yesterday I forgot my trekking poles twice. One time I had to walk bak 100 yards (over rocks). A Train saw them but thought I was in the woods fertilizing. The other just 200′ at the shelter.


About doublg

Hiking the appalachian trail as a personal physical and mental test in 2014. I am an amateur photographer on the side. Getting out to photograph has evolved into a love of hiking.
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  1. haha clearly your poles aren’t as crucial as you thought

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